Special Needs Supermums is for Mothers of Children with Special Needs worldwide.


Special Needs Supermums encourages mothers of children with special needs to invest in their self-care and put their oxygen mask on first.


Our mission is to educate through online shows, eBooks, Books, Webinars, Workshops, Online Programs, Retreats, Speaking and Coaching.


Special Needs Supermums – The ultimate stress management, self-care, mindset and empowerment solution for mothers of children with special needs.

We look at ways to manage your stress and anxiety, self-care and mindset so you can cope with the daily demands and live a healthy and happy life, while fulfilling the role of your child’s carer. We give you the step by step proven techniques to be able to handle stressful situations in a calm way, manage stress, self-care, mindset and create a much calmer, happier and healthier life.


We provide you with the tools needed in coping with the stresses of parenting a child with Special Needs in a calm, healthy and loving way.

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